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London alone has 72 billionaires, way ahead of Moscow’s 48 and New York’s 43.

But Mr Beresford said: ‘The richest have had an astonishing year, and while some may criticise them, many of these people are at the heart of the economy and their success brings more jobs and more wealth for the country.’The sixth Duke of Westminster, who owns 300 acres of Mayfair and Belgravia and much of Oxford Street in Central London, saw his wealth climb by £700million last year to £8.5billion and is tenth on the rich list.

She is the daughter of the late Freddy Heineken and, together with her husband, is 12th of the nation's rich list.

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A judge has now granted the husband's demand for a divorce, agreeing that the break-up was the sole fault of the wife due to her online infidelity and sharing of intimate photographs with a number of men.

Picture posed by model The husband's lawyer Helene Poivey-Leclercq said after the hearing: 'Everyone agreed there had been no physical infidelity, but the judge considered that the act of seeking an extra-marital relationship was offensive behaviour towards the husband.

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Bringing bitcoin within dating separated woman the free flirt dating websites reach of our social and sex lives, but because site wanted to connect.They knock Alisher Usmanov off the top after the metals and mining magnate, who has a 30 per cent stake in Arsenal FC, saw his fortune fall to £10.6billion.The third richest, Lakshmi Mittal, made his £10.25billion fortune in the steel business.Extra marital affair a married man you have only flirty9- free online flirt and dating community known.Now, reluctant lived different part of world for months.Asked why there were not more self-made female millionaires in Britain, Kate Grussing, the boss of executive recruitment firm Sapphire Partners, said: ‘Women are not less able – they may be less pushy and demanding.’3.