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So I wanted to tap your brains for another perspective, this time coming from the guy.

We divorced because, mostly, she failed to "date around" when she was young and felt like she had missed out on her youth.

She divorced me because she said she simply stopped loving me.

Would you think it was strange if you saw someone as young as me with someone else who\'s 7 years older?

Edit: Thank you guys for your replies, they\'re good advice :) I guess I should clarify, I don\'t care about what others think.

I would take it very slowly if you decide to pursue it.

I guess if it works for you and her, peace and blessings.

Like the entire time we talked about other stuff, interests, hobbies, beliefs (got into some pretty deep convos too), etc.

So here's my question to all of you, what do you think?

but if there's anything I've learned it's that successful couples come in all shapes and sizes, ages young and old and mismatched.

My grandpa is 9 years older than my grandma, got married to her when she was about 19 I think, and they are still together to this day. at 19 and without a lack of relationship experience, she's not going to be as mature when it comes to reacting to the bad times in your time together, if you two end up dating or getting married some day.

Honestly, you can ask all the questions you want to ask, but it's not all about the age it's about do you really care for each other? I don't think it should matter, but if you really are iffy about her age then don't date her...