5 dating lessons learned my sisters

One of the biggest life lessons that I learned through my adventures with online dating was to always trust my gut; regardless of what my mind tells me.For example, there were a few instances when I was talking to people who I thought seemed like a good match, but instinctively I felt I wasn’t really going to be attracted to in the long time.

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And sadly enough these are exactly the type of people that potential suitors shy away from the most.It’s the people who seem happy with themselves that others are drawn towards the most.But sprucing up your appearance and wardrobe is just an external improvement.You wouldn't want to be in a long-term relationship with someone who fell in love with your clothes and hair, right? Sharon certainly knew when she looked her best, and she expected everyone to acknowledge it. It's time to start training your self-love muscle. Shih Tzus are quite grand little dogs, and historically, they were the dogs of the Chinese Emperors.The rules had changed during my years of couplehood. She taught me five key things that helped me stay grounded, and, eventually, find my wonderful partner.

Here's what I learned from my four-legged friend: 1. How tempting is it to go on a journey of physical self-improvement after a painful breakup?

You see, once I was able to be honest with myself about who I was and what my strengths and weaknesses were, I was able to focus on nurturing my strengths and eliminating my weaknesses much more efficiently.

The world of online dating is full of people who seem so desperate to be with someone else, only because they can’t stand to be alone.

A few years ago the idea that you could meet a potential love interest while staring into a computer screen must have seemed novel to some and downright bizarre to others.

Today, the online dating industry generates roughly two billion dollars in revenue each year, and has become a mainstay of human social interaction.

The dangerous thing about online dating is that it’s a bit too easy to represent yourself as something you’re not.