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By the time he was finished Grade 3, he was frequently in tears and exhausted every day after school.“I sat my husband down and said, ‘There are no services for him at school.This is going to be a very expensive child’,” Lori said.There were 57,242 children (about 10 per cent of all B. public school students) identified as having special needs in 2013-2014.

And where is the data that might suggest that they be continued on the student's IEP?Using data to identify, monitor, and evaluate the use of accommodations for individual special education students is a must if educators are to verify that those students are making progress academically.But for her and her son, who was having emotional meltdowns while in public school, it’s a price worth paying.Eric, who has a learning disability, started his education in public school.We are committed in providing academic and campus llife accommodation to students with disabilities/Special Educational Needs.

You are encouraged to contact the Advisor to Students with Special Educational Needs if you need any advice and assistance.With the pressure of No Child Left Behind and state-ordered accountability initiatives building, local educators' angst with the challenges of documenting improvement on the part of special education students, as a function of their performance on high stakes content assessments, continues to grow.One major tool used to identify academic needs and provide support is the Individual Education Plan, a model bolstered through the selection of accommodations particular to the individual student. What proof might be provided that they have been implemented successfully?1110 North Glebe Road Suite 300, Arlington, VA 22201.Tel: 888-232-7733; Fax: 703-264-9494; e-mail: [email protected]; Web site: Kindergarten teacher Lori Drysdale wasn’t going to let her son Eric be one of those kids.