Accommodating or flexible

In addition to weddings, functions and weekend getaways, we host an annual bass fishing competition, which has become the biggest in the country and an incredibly popular event.

No matter the occasion, we will tailor-make the right package for you, and we are confident that you will enjoy this special country experience.Flexibility at work is a necessity for employees and employers, alike.I have no interest or intention of becoming Cleveland Community Church.As long as I am pastor, it is going to be Cleveland Baptist Church.This is ministry, and truthfully, when people begin to think of it in those terms, they often bristle at the thought of change.

In the last ten years, the church has been in a constant state of remodeling.Our story began fifteen years ago, at a community get-together at the original farm dam, where we realised Torwoodlea’s rich potential beyond farming.The first step was building a pub next to the dam, and the development continued from there, allowing Torwoodlea Lodge to become the idyllic country venue that it is today.Remodeling and construction mean we may have to adjust the schedule or temporarily move a class.These things can’t be helped; when people make those adjustments without complaint and with a great attitude, it is such a blessing.Because our ministry is out of debt, we have been able to make these improvements without going into debt.