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With this affiliates and webmaster can promote mobile offers from adult traffic. Go ahead and look at these adult traffic sources and start advertising or earning.Ero Advertising is one of the most popular adult advertising networks.Ero Advertising also offers Mobile advertising one can target by the mobile platform.Exo Click is fourth largest advertising network in the World.Ero Advertising offers PPC, CPM, and period based advertising solution.

Ero Advertising serves ad in more than 200 countries.It functions as a CPA based Ad Network and was founded in June 2013.It enables advertisers to place their advertising materials on participating websites.If target right any site can benefit from adult traffic, I have read a case study of Food Store who advertised on the adult site and was getting good conversions.Most of the time adult sites get advertisement for other adult sites, adult dating, cam site or adult related products.Adult site owners can earn can join Ero Advertising as publisher and they pay weekly or monthly basis.