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Jessica’s former assistant and a friend of Nick’s, Cacee Cobb, was there as well, with her boyfriend […] . Nick Lachey Pictures Here are some pictures of Ca Cee Cobb, because everybody deserve 15 seconds of fame.

Jessica is reportedly furious as she feels she has been betrayed by estranged husband Nick Lachey and her best friend Ca Cee Cobb, Life & Style magazine is set to report. Butch Walker (1); Cacee Cobb (1); Calista Flockhart (1); Cameron Diaz (6); Canadialand (6); Caprice (2); caption me (19); Carmen Electra (11); Carrie Underwood (3); Carson Daly (1); Cate Blanchett (10); Catherine Zeta-Jones (2) . The two were seen partying together at Pure in Las Vegas, which has quickly become the club of choice for celebs Ca Cee Cobb, who until recently, has been Jessica Simpson’s personal assistant (and friend? This comes on the heels of rumors that Ca Cee has been spending time with Nick Lachey, Jessica’s ex Nick Lachey Vanessa Milano Ca Cee Cobb is banging Nick Lachey.It all began innocent enough, reportedly it was a typical evening . Cacee Cobb And Nick Lachey First, there was the awkwardness of Papa Joe and Ashlee Simpson being there, though they all avoided each other all night. Ashlee Simpson (one who isn't retarded), John Mayer, Cacee Cobb, Dane Cook, Rachey Ray, The rest of Simple Plan, Backstreet Boys, Nsync, The rest of Nickleback for our lovely Chad, Audioslave, Luke Wilson, Kelly Clarkson, Faith Hill, .nick lachey lyrics The Court was touched him was not have done you Nick Lachey Vanessa Milano . 2 Guitars Jessica's former assistant and a friend of Nick's, Cacee Cobb, was there as well, with her boyfriend - Scrubs star Donald Faison.Britney Spears Brittany Murphy Brody Jenner Brooke Shields Bruce Willis Cacee Cobb Cameron Diaz Carmen Electra Charlie Sheen Charlize Theron Christina Aguilera Clint Eastwood Colin Farrell Constantine Maroulis Courteney Cox Courtney . Cacee ran up to chat with Nick like four or five times throughout the evening, while her boyfriend was .An onlooker said, ‘Nick had his arms wrapped around her, and he was kissing her all over the side of her face and neck Vanessa Minnillo Nick Lachey A loyal Moose Reader has sent in these EXCLUSIVE pics of what looks like Nick Lachey canoodling (yeah, we said canoodling) with Jessica Simpson's assistant/best-friend Ca Cee. Nick Lachey Vanessa Milano He is rumored to be seeking a quick divorce settlement, but Nick himself has said he definitely wants to remarry. And where does he turn - possibly to former Jessica assistant Ca Cee Cobb?

Nick Lachey and her best buddy Ca Cee Cobb have been rumored to be dating from .

Image and video hosting by Tiny Pic Image and video hosting by Tiny Pic Image and video hosting by Tiny Pic. She asked the other day for a checkbook, and I looked at her like she was kidding, her assistant and friend Ca Cee Cobb tells W.

Nick Lachey Vanessa Milano Last month, Nick Lachey was spotted partying one weekend at Las Vegas hot spot Pure with none other than Cacee Cobb, Jessica Simpson's best friend. Romance Nick Lachey Photographed recently with former Miss Kentucky USA Elizabeth Ann Arnold Cacee Cobb And Nick Lachey The New York Daily News reports Ca Cee Cobb has been telling friends that Jessica Simpson wasn't faithful to Nick Lachey and expressed sympathy for the 98 Degrees star.

In “Uncle Bubba’s Savannah Seafood: More than 100 Down- Home Southern Recipes for Good Food.

Cacee Cobb And Nick Lachey San Diego wireless technology giant Qualcomm is planning to launch a mobile network that would allow people to use their cell phones to manage myriad health issues including diabetes and dieting. However, things took a turn for the worse when Jessica Simpson’s former assistant and best friend Cacee Cobb showed up with her boyfriend – Scrubs star Donald Faison.

She says Nick is in the VIP room in the White Room Section of Pure. What’s worse, Jessica and Cacee were then pictured shopping together on . Last week, Cobb met Lachey at LA hot spot Shag and cornered him into a half-hour conversation, according to an eyewitness. Cacee Cobb And Nick Lachey NICK LACHEY - Nick closed down “Shag.” Maybe he did not want to be associated with his estranged wife’s best friend Ca Cee, because he hid his face.