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One particular phenomena that benefited from the advent of newspaper advertisements was the tradition of Leap Year Proposals.

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Personal ads have been bringing couples together for over 300 years and been taboo for nearly the same length of time.Luckily for today’s singles, online formats have made dating advertisements and profiles a more accepted way to meet people.Whether you believe the accuracy of this statistic or not, online dating, personal ads and the resulting relationships are normal enough that chances are you know or have encountered someone who has tried one of these non-traditional versions of matchmaking.Finding alternate ways to meet mates certainly isn’t a new idea.Needless to say, any advertisements at all with the subject of marriage often scandalized the older members of the community of newspaper readers.

You can read an editorial denouncing the whole practice of personal advertisements here: “Advertising for Husbands”.Of course there have always been those particular youth who are bolder and more independent than their peers.These brave souls took it upon themselves to post their own personal ads without the help of matrimonial agencies.——————————————————————————– ¹For a bit of reading on the topic, see: Pollard, A. “New Year’s Day and Leap Year in English History.” “To Ladies of Refinement, 17 to 25 years of age: I can introduce you to a fine-looking gentleman, who is rich, middle-aged, and whose reputation is par excellence; everything strictly confidential. Warren is a clinical psychologist and author of eight books on love, marriage and emotional health.These days, posting a personal ad or joining an online dating site is common and (generally speaking), a culturally accepted way to find a potential relationship.