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Initial searches should provide a list of known relatives.

If a relative lives at the same address, the phone may be listed in their name.

Click the link for that state's Secretary of State under number 1 in the left column. Spoof Card offers both FREE Test Drive and Paid services.Spoof Card offers one the ability to alter the caller ID information received by the person receiving the phone call.These links are organized with the best Free information sources at the TOP of this list.While many of these sources still want money for the information they claim to withhold, most people should be able to harvest more information than they need from the free results obtained using these links. If your search yields a list of people with basic information and a "See Address & Phone" button on the Right, Clicking the button WILL give you More information123 People acquires results from MANY sources based on a single search and provides one page of links to results, with brief descriptions.The Locate People section above is organized to start at the TOP and work your way down.

(This will give a good foundation for future searches)Hint: If you are having trouble caused by too many results from your search, and can not narrow down the results accurately (due to missing information from your initial searches-which provide the foundation for your later searches) try searching for the persons relatives to get a middle initial or age for the person you're actually searching for, from their relatives "relative list".

If you are doing a Criminal Search looking for Criminal Records on a person, use the Free searches above to obtain a list of places they have resided, and then look up the publically available information in the appropriate court web sites for the locations they have been.

Gov Engine is a national index of Federal and State Court web sites, to help you quickly locate the courts you'll need for your Criminal Search.

For example, to Search for John Doe, you would type: "John Doe" in the Google Search Box. Note: Using a Middle Name or Initial will get you LESS Results (Search Matches) not more.

To narrow the search results for Jane Doe to only include results for Jane Doe located in Georgia, Type: "Jane Doe" Georgia Try Skipease for an index of public records searches.

123 People, above, searches many Social Networking Sites for you, and lists results.