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Travelling with a baby can be a military operation– you'll want to time the travel between feeds, ideally when baby has a nap and hopefully between dirty nappies.

You will also know that even with the best will in the world, babies can be unpredictable.

However, if you opted for first class travel, most train companies will offer complimentary food and drink.It's often a good idea to take a few treats, things your child might not have on a daily basis so that you have an ace up your sleeve if the going gets tough.(Travelling with under 5's is free, however fare paying customers will get priority seating).If booking your train ticket online well in advance, you might consider upgrading to first class.A sling will eliminate all these worries and give you two free hands to find your ticket, hold a drink or steady yourself on a moving train.

Travel light, try to deconstruct your usual changing bag and take only what you need.

It can be overwhelming arriving at a train station and facing stairs, platforms and gaps; do you keep the baby in, take the baby out, collapse the pram?

Can you ask for help down the stairs or will health and safety rules mean they can't?

Planning is key but so is being prepared for anything.

If you're travelling by train for the first time with your baby it's good to think ahead and be equipped for the journey, especially if it's a long one!

If you are travelling with a child on a long journey it may be wise to buy them a seat, especially if you know they will want to sleep at some point.