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If you do a search but nothing comes up, it doesn't necessarily mean your loved one is not incarcerated.

There are several reasons an inmate can be in jail but not showing up in […]Voting is one of the most fundamental rights given to American citizens, however, once convicted of a felony, whether or not that right will be restored to you is up to the state that you reside in.

Delay the Party Friends and […]Visiting an inmate in jail for the first time is like waiting to see a dentist.

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In addition to serious letters, here are some fun ways to amuse each other through the mail. Top 10 Each of you make a list of your favorite five things about the other person and also write […]The hardest part of having your jail visits suspended indefinitely is not having any idea when or if you are going to be able to visit your inmate again.In most cases, visits are suspended due to the visitor violating visitation rules.Never lie to him, but be smart about what topics you bring up to speak about.These 5 things should probably wait for an in person visit or for when he comes home.The laws for Michigan include: Pending Cases If you are charged with a crime, but have not yet […]There are many factors that go into choosing the most dangerous prisons in the USA.

The media spotlights isolated cases of prison violence, which makes that facility seem dangerous.On this page you will find direct links to specific information that friends and family members of inmates will find useful: Sonoma County Inmate Search, Inmate Phone use, Visitation Rules and Schedules, Commissary Deposits and Information about the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility Inmate Mail Guidelines.In addition, you will find information on how to contact the facility, directions to the jail, Sonoma County recent arrests, Most Wanted, outstanding Arrest Warrants and much more.If your inmate is incarcerated in a jail that offers a care package program, you can have some fun surprising your inmate from time to time with a box full of things that you've personally selected for him or her.The Basics Inmate care packages are boxes or bags that are pre-filled with items from […]Mail is a great way to communicate with your inmate.[…]As much as you would like to talk to your inmate each day, the cost of inmate phone calls makes this impossible for most people.