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But the interesting thing about the atheism religion poll is that it shows atheists have a spiritual side.

During this time frame, the United States has seen the rise of atheist mega churches.

My seminary teacher tried to explain that to a bunch of us sixteen-year-olds one day."Guys and girls are different, and sometimes expressions of affection mean different things to different people.this means he likes me; he cares for me, oh, how sweet.'" ...56-59, where he writes about the topic "What Do Kisses Mean?Maybe that's like saying, "I really like you." What if you kiss your date?Join the leading chat line affiliate program and start making money fast.

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In a related report by the , an atheist scientist claims that virtual particles and Inflation Theory proves that God did not create the universe from “nothing.” But Christians say this claim is based upon bad philosophy since it allegedly confuses the definition of nothing.

adults who believe in God’s existence has declined, dropping from 92 percent to 89 percent in the last eight years.

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