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The second theme, “Body and Image,” questions the ways in which our contemporary understanding of beauty has been constructed and framed through the body.

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A lot of people don't realize that this was the debut of Fury, the horse from the 50's TV show by the same name.

Earlier this month in my Biggest Myths about African American Hair piece I mentioned that African American hair has the ability to grow as long as other races or ethnicities. (Never underestimate the fervor, passion or vigor black women have about their hair! You don’t have to be of multiracial origin to achieve the hair so many of us covet.

He comes back from boarding school boasting poor grades and facing going through the fifth grade again, much to his fathers dismay....

See full summary » Widower Squire Weldon (Charles Evans).

When you stifle, police and control Black boys you leave unfinished works in progress who grow into men who are still boys at heart. Everyday that we learn more about our hair and document our experiences publicly is another day we support a Black woman who is nervous about finally coming into her own and accepting her natural hair.

To me, healthy means beautiful, -- whether it's healthy skin, healthy teeth or healthy hair -- it all equates to being beautiful. Collectively our voices are effecting changes in creating a more inclusive standard of beauty.

The natural, coily texture of our hair is fragile and frankly many of us are very ignorant about what it takes for it to thrive.

(Hence the You Tube tutorials.) So if you’re interested in tresses that graze the top of your booty, here are some tips to grow long, luscious African American hair.

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