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and are named after the colors on a political map which indicate whether residents of an area vote predominantly Republican or Democrat.Political bedfellows “In college, I was active in a young Republican group at USC on campus," says Ashlee Bell, 25, who graduated from the University of Southern California."It was overwhelming because most of the people are liberals on campus.” Bell says she talks about politics all the time, even when she’s on a date.

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Internet dating is a method many people use to meet and interact with new people online.You can find your soul mate at the comfort of your home.“Not all conservatives and liberals fall under the same orientation," Fondrier says."You might have a Republican from the Northeast, for instance, who is more economically conservative, but less socially conservative, or a southern Democrat who might be more socially conservative, but less economically conservative." When people log in, they are offerred a three-part political assessment, including questions on the economy, foreign policy and social views.Other people like to find people that they really have a lot in common with.” Getting real No matter where they meet online, Spira says users should be clear about who they are and what they're looking for. "We’re having one in New York City next week, a pre-Valentine’s Day mixer.

We hope to get to know our users and keep working on finding them a long-term relationship.” Fondrier hopes redstatedate and bluestatedate will continue to grow and help the politically passionate find their perfect mates.African is an African dating site that aims to help people connect, share and even find their soul mate.On the site, you will find hundreds of young men and women trying their chance at finding love."We also see people who haven’t necessarily tried online dating before.They’re people holding the Romney posters or the Obama posters. They’re the types of folks that just love talking politics.” As on most dating web sites, users enter their educational information, where they live, and their interests, but they also answer questions about their views on a variety of social and economic issues."There are many instances where I’ve met people and gone on dates with people that don’t agree with me politically.