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Alice Dellal first came to our attention thanks to her significant other: Pierre Casiraghi, who is third in line for the throne of Monaco -not to mention, the grandson of Grace Kelly.

(Random fact: Alice's brother, Alex, is dating Pierre's sister, Charlotte).

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However, Dellal reportedly denied the romance later.Confirming last week's rumors, Chanel released a statement today that British socialite turned model Alice Dellal — she of half-shaved-head fame — will front a handbag campaign for the label.Add that to her many magazine spreads, including , and her modeling career in Europe is spreading like wildfire. We bet he'll end up in the States like his older bro, Andrea Casiraghi, who currently resides in Washington Square Park with girlfriend, Tatiana Santo Domingo. We'll welcome you, and Alice and her incredible style, with open arms.She probably has her mother, the former Brazilian model Andrea Dellal to thank for her striking features. We're not ones for the half shaved head (Really Cassie?Alice is set on moving to LA to bring her career to the US very soon, so don't be surprised if she starts popping up in the pages of American magazines. ), but somehow Alice pulls it off every and now then.

It only reflects her individuality and party girl style more.Looks like real estate (and gambling) is the way to go.Especially if it helps get you some of the duds Alice wears. At 5'5" with a unusually curvy figure, you wouldn't expect to see her on the runways, but she's walked for everyone from Vivienne Westwood Red Label to Giambattista Valli.And for our purposes, we hope she stays in the fashion scene and keeps posing for more fashion mag covers. Read about Charlotte Casiraghi and Alex Dellal here and see photos of the whole gang, together and apart, below.2007 - 2007Alice Dellal and Monaco royalty Pierre Casiraghi were rumored to be an item in 2007, when they were spotted cruising the Mediterranean Sea together.His grandfather Jack Dellal was a millionaire property tycoon; his father, Guy Dellal, carried on the millionaire businessman mantle.