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They were memorable for a number of reasons, but chiefest among them were the incredibly talented and wonderfully generous people I was fortunate enough to collaborate with over the course of those seven years: my fellow writer-producers (especially Brad and Rob who gave us our first shot and showed us the ropes), the directors, the crew, and, of course, the cast – specifically, that core team of Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O’Neill), Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter), Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson), and Christopher Judge (Teal’c). Everyone was all smiles and the positive energy carried over into the episode itself.

These four were a pleasure to deal with both on and off the set and, in the ten years the show was on the air, they made fans of, not only the viewers at home, but the people they worked with as well. interviews and convention appearances in which everyone is on their very best behavior (ie. I met Charles Manson who was out promoting his new book! They are with these people 12-16 hours a day, 5 days a week, 6-7 months a year (and, the case of SG-1, 10 years! They know them better than they do their own wives, husbands, and significant others. It was – and I hate to say it – like a family reunion.

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The photo itself meant that I was happily sandwiched between the two stars for a good couple of minutes until there was a photo we were happy with.Later, at the charity auction, having bought a picture of Anderson, I also received a wonderful hug from Tapping as a thank-you. They’re talented, hardworking, and generous professionals who cared deeply about the show, their characters, and the people around them.And when I think about these four, certain memories crop up that, personally, capture the essence of who they are.Anyhoo, Michael is a passionate individual and he won’t bullshit you. So, anyway, Fondy and I were downtown one night when we ran into Michael and Chris. I was working on the script in which Carter says goodbye to the life she knew and, for it to work, I needed someone to see her off – a touchstone representative of her time on SG-1.

If he doesn’t like something or disagrees with you, he’ll let you know. I hadn’t seen him since season four and wondered how he’d react. I approached Chris Judge but was somewhat hesitant since we hadn’t budgeted for a big guest spot.

In the case of Rick, it was the very first day we met.

I was settling into my office, putting my Simpsons toys up on the shelves, keeping an eye on my pug Jelly who I’d brought in for the afternoon, when THE Richard Dean Anderson poked his head into the doorway and welcomed me to Stargate.

I’m not the type to simply “bump” into celebrities.

Obviously I don’t hang out at the right clubs, shop at the right supermarkets or eat at the right restaurants. I’m just someone who attended the Avalon convention in 2006 with the aim of meeting two of her favorite actors, Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping.

In the case of Amanda, it was the day my auntie Antoinette came to visit.