Amber henry dating

The timing of when they both wore it is similar as well.This is when the suspicions began because although Amber is close with male idols, she rarely matches her clothing with them.Technology can be our best friend, and technology can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives.

Back in the day, before they revamped the show that ultimately killed the original flavor, this was one variety show that I would watch religiously because its format of gossip talk, short skits, making fun of anything and everything in the K-showbiz and even performances, sometimes impromptu, really pushed the envelope of of K-variety shows that many present versions somehow lack.For example the old SGB had the 'luxury' of invting the most popular and trending celebs of that time, and not just idol singers but actors, announcers, sports personalities, showbiz personalities or anyone that fetched the highest popularity in the netizens search engines.The fan wrote up a short account saying that the two bought a couple mug set.The post sounded like she knew something was up but was holding back...He just uploaded pictures he took with me onto SNS and wrote, 'My girlfriend is here,' and things got crazy. I know SM is a good company, but I say this now, 'What did I do wrong? In Henry's Twitter post, in one picture, he purses his lips at Lee Kuk Ju as if going for a kiss and he had written, "Everyone... "She then said she wished this person would date and named Hyorin, saying that she seemed so tough at first, but wasn't as tough as she looked.

Lee Kuk Ju wants her to appear as a nice lady this year and perhaps start dating.

; Anyway I hope 2015 will be the year KBS revives SGB in its original format and not the 'revamped' version that brought on its demise.

On the March 4 airing of MBC's 'Radio Star,' MCs brought up a rumor which stated that f(x)'s Amber was dating fellow SM idol Henry and also talked about her close relationship with GOT7's Jackson and Zhoumi, garnering much interest from the viewers. Then, when the MCs brought up Jackson, who appeared on Mnet's '4 Things Show' as Amber's close friend, Amber revealed that Jackson also had the qualities of a player just like Henry.

Jackson is very open and curious about a lot of things.

That checkered button up, which Amber also lent to Krystal at the airport, is the same as Henry's...

Although I'm not an ELF, I know Henry is someone who always posts the captions literally not meaning any of it.