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And when you don’t do that, you get a family film in its truest sense. The worst equivalent is Barney the dinosaur, where parents are having to sit there while their kids watch this, and the parents want to blow their brains out. I think parents are going to be laughing as hard as kids are going to be laughing. We have jokes that are geared specifically towards adults that would go right over a kid’s head. There’s something very special about the whole family being able to sit down and enjoy something together. How important was the music to you in this film, given that it played such a large part in some of the earlier movies, and your natural inclination as a musician? We realized you only need a few of those moments to get that joke. Jason: We did not get to design him physically, because then they would owe us a lot of money. When I get an idea, it’s kinda hard not to do something because it feels like the alien is going to burst out of my chest.

Jason: We knew it was going to be musical from the start. When you look back at the great lineage of Muppet music, things like Rainbow Connection, that’s not a joke of a song. If a legitimate musician put that song out they’d win the Grammy. James Bobin was the perfect choice for this movie because he’s been doing Flight of the Concords and it almost seems like he’s been training for this. It was just a perfect union of their styles and the Muppet styles. Is there a lot of jokes referencing that The Muppets are in a movie? But yeah, we’ve got all of the original style of Muppet humor. So we came up with him on paper, and then they were very clear that we could not be involved in any aspect of the physical design of Walter. I’m not good at setting it to the side and say, “I’ll get to this eventually.” I want to start writing it, even if it means staying up all night, which is basically what’s happening at this point.

Heat Vision confirms that Adams is in negotiations to play star Jason Segel’s girlfriend,who helps him reunite the Muppets to put on a show in order to save a movie studio.

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So you forget that these are amazingly talented people that are not only puppeteers, but they’re actors, and they’re singers, and they’re great comedians in their own right. It’s one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen. You watch a child…you can see the guy standing there with a puppet on his hand and he’s talking, and the kid is looking directly at the puppet. Jason: It didn’t take long before you’re looking right at the Puppet. Jason: I really want a lot of stuff that I see around here. But one of the things that you find out is that you really don’t want to cross the line into mentioning puppet. To go from Enchanted to Doubt and a fighter, I mean this woman can do anything. And then once they said they were going to make it, everyone in my life was like, “All right, whatever you need, let’s get this thing made.” I’ve had puppets and Muppet figurines in my house or my bedroom since I was a kid. Scooter comes in at the beginning of every episode and he’s like, “Five minutes to curtain, Mr. ” And then Peter Sellers is like, “What should I do when I get out there? All I know how to do is inhabit a character.” He goes on for like five minutes. Jason: I got a lot of calls, especially my contemporaries who have kids all wanted to be a part of it for their kids, and the idea of bringing their kids to meet the Muppets, or even to be able to show them the movie eventually. There’s a beautiful song that Kermit sings that is truly heartbreaking. But look, when you watch Sarah Marshall, the Dracula musical is funny, but it’s 20% creepy.

Every time it happens it reminds me of why I wanted to do the movie. I have a bit of a challenge as the puppeteers need monitors so they can see what’s going on, because puppets don’t have working eyes; they’re puppets. But a lot of times we can see the monitor, so we can watch ourselves act. They’re very protective, certainly, over the puppets. It becomes very, very complicated, because the Muppets are not puppets. So as soon as I realized that that made things really complicated to have a puppet versus the Muppets—one thing is a puppet, these things are not puppets—it became complicated. But she’s able to do this wide-eyed naivety that is not part of her personality in real life. So she was just the perfect choice right from the start. They’ve been, first of all, incredibly kind just to make the schedule work, because they’ve shot me out of a day of filming every week. How was it acting alongside The Muppets for the first time? ” He’s like, “Well, all you have to do is be yourself! It’s like a dude having an existential crisis.[laughter] And then he sings a song called “Whiskey, Wine, and Wild Women”. Can you tell us what some of the Muppets are doing when you find them in the film? But we’ve got them in various states of success or disarray. Some are…destitute is the wrong word; you are not going to see any destitute Muppets. So I really want to play a villain in a superhero movie.

A villain, Tex Richman (nice name, on par with Doc Hopper), bent on drilling for oil underneath the studio, is due to take over the studio in weeks, and the only way to stop him?

is going to be a great movie and something entire families are going to be able to enjoy together. While I was there I asked if I could see a Kermit or a Miss Piggy and they said, “We don’t have them here anymore. Disney owns all the Kermit’s and Piggy’s.” That literally was the moment the idea was born, was that the Muppets weren’t at the Henson studios anymore. And Nick Stoller, I must say, is a tremendous writing partner. And James Bobin, when he signed on, really refined the script.

Question: Was there any lesser-known Muppets you tried to get in the movie? Plus, it doesn’t translate well to the written word.

Jason Segel: We’re bringing out a lot of Muppets from the archives. It seems like the older Muppet films were more geared towards adults, where the newer ones are focused more for children. Can you talk about how this film places in the series? Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is a service Amazon offers sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's warehouses, and Amazon directly does the picking, packing, shipping and customer service on these items.Something Amazon hopes you'll especially enjoy: Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is a service Amazon offers sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's warehouses, and Amazon directly does the picking, packing, shipping and customer service on these items.A lot of the guys from the old Muppet Show, some of the kind of obscure performances make appearances, which I’m really excited about.