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Her performance of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" She is currently singing for Van Son Entertainment Productions, Inc.

Van Son Entertainment is known for their Vietnamese variety shows that include singing, and comedy skits.

Frustrated with his career going nowhere, he had seriously contemplated packing up and returning home to Philadelphia when finally in 2004 the executives at Vân Sơn Entertainment decided to give Andy Quach his big break.

That year he made his debut in music video on volume 26 of Vân Sơn Entertainment's live show series, Vân Sơn in Little Saigon, as part of a quartet with Cát Tiên, (who was then known as Minh Trí) and Việt Thi performing a medley of Euro New Wave cover songs from the 1980s.

In 2002, he followed Cát Tiên to Southern California where she had just been discovered and signed by the label, .

As her career immediately took off, Andy Quach continued as a struggling artist for the next two years in Southern California.

The following year, Andy Quach made his first solo performance on volume 31 of Vân Sơn Entertainment's live show series, Vân Sơn in Philipines và Người Việt Còn Lại, with the song, Khi Anh Bên Em, which would turn him into a bonafide pop star in the overseas Vietnamese music industry.

During his tenure at Vân Sơn Entertainment, Andy Quach had risen to be one of the label's most popular music video performers. Among his most popular songs recorded under the Vân Sơn Entertainment label included his solo performances such as Tình Cuồng Say, Giấc Mơ Một Cuộc Tình, Nụ Hôn Biệt Ly, Yêu Xin Chớ Dối Gian, Baby I Love You, Caravan of Life, Đã Yêu Em Rồi, Đã Biết Khi Yêu and Mất Nhau Từ Đây.

In 2008, Andy Quach formed his own music production label, AQ Entertainment.

He has since released a series of studio albums including AQ3 (2010), Crossroads (2012), Forever Love (2013), Play Me - Dance Remixes (2015) and Andy and Cat (2017), a duet album recorded with Cát Tiên.

Her repertoire include mainly pop songs in various languages ranging from Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, English, and Spanish.

First grade was when she discovered her love in singing with glee club at her elementary school.

He became known as a teenage heartthrob especially to the Vietnamese female audiences worldwide putting him in the ranks of his predecessors also from the Vân Sơn Entertainment label such as and Nguyễn Thắng. Equally successful were the duets recorded with his then girlfriend, Cát Tiên, as viewer audiences took notice of their apparent chemistry together, most notably in their performance of the song, Ngày Em Đi (written by Huỳnh Nhật Tân) featured on volume 40 of Vân Sơn Entertainment's live show series, Vân Sơn in Dallas - Những Chuyện Tình Bất Tử (2009), which commemorated the ending of their relationship.