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Right.” At the time she was a very big presence in the political media but the article pushed her into the realm of popular culture; thus, she became more than just a political bomb thrower. After all, Coulter was among the most flamboyant of the newer, edgier breed of right-wing provocateurs.

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Ms Coulter acknowledged the special amount of attention on stage."I'd like to welcome everyone to the Ann Coulter roast with Rob Lowe," she said.She started writing her new book in April, as Ted Cruz had quit the race in early May, and finished it within three months.But Mr Trump postponed a major speech on immigration last week - now scheduled for Wednesday - as he and his allies looked for a "firm but fair" wording on the issue of deporting illegal immigrants.A lot of people believed him after reading that article, people like MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell who said in 2006: Do not make the mistake of taking Ann Coulter seriously.

She does fancy herself something of a comedian, a political comedian, and when you press her on a lot of these things, you find out that what’s really underneath it is the intent to make a joke.

But her rape-the-planet bit would later be wrenched from context and repeatedly quoted as Coulter nuttiness.

“What p_____ me off,” Coulter says, “is when they don’t get the punch line.”There was a lot of controversy over Coulter’s words in that exchange, but the author of the Time puff piece, John Cloud, helpfully explained that it was only because they didn’t understand the context.

Coulter said that the Democratic party has tried to take credit for things like, say, signing the Civil Rights Act, although “it was actually Eisenhower who got the ball rolling.” She alter added that she found it curious that Matthews “cites all the black people coming up to him and cites black people in other countries whom he refers to as ‘African Americans.'” This is because, she ventured, “here in America, he doesn’t have any black friends.

He doesn’t have any black neighbors,” and a picture of his son’s wedding reveals “not a black face in the group.” If he’d been Republican, she added, he “would be convicted of racism in two seconds.” Coulter also described why it is that she believes Democrats “use” racism for political advantage.

Among her famous quotes of the era were:“We need to execute people like John Walker [Lindh] in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed, too.