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Today’s sitcoms and commercials routinely paint a portrait of the idiot husband whose wife is smarter and more capable than he.There was a time when wives respected their husbands.

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You just have to avoid the a - - holes.” And, “I had a fairly public divorce, and the family therapist said the way you handle this will impact your grandchildren .

That’s a question Peter Lloyd tackles in a series in London’s Daily Mail about Britain’s marriage rate, which is at its lowest level since 1895. It is dying out faster than a mobile phone battery,” Lloyd writes. Right is simply not there, no matter how hard they look for him.” Things are no better this side of the Atlantic. Why are men here and abroad avoiding the altar in spades? Because they can: Men used to marry to have sex and a family. Because there’s nothing in it for them: What exactly does marriage offer men today?

In the past, Mom got the kids because she was home with them doing the thankless, unpaid, mountainous work associated with that role. Her newest book, to be published February 2017, is "The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men & Marriage: HOW LOVE WORKS." To learn more about Suzanne and her work, visit her website.

Today, neither parent is home, so there’s no reason the default custodial parent should be Mom.

A-Rod was also in the audience when Wojcicki, CEO and co-founder of genetic research firm 23and Me, spoke at a satellite event for the Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting in Tampa.

A source told us of their new relationship, “Alex and Anne are spending time together and have been on a few dates. He finds her interesting, inspirational and very smart.” Rodriguez has found one of the few single women actually richer than himself — Wojcicki is said to be worth billions after her divorce from Brin was finalized last year.

The couple was at Graydon Carter’s power player-packed pre-Super Bowl gathering in San Francisco, where they were pictured together.

Rodriguez and Wojcicki were also last week spotted dining with friends at Bern’s Steak House in Tampa, Fla., where he was in town for spring training.

There was a time when wives took care of their husbands as they expected their husbands to take care of them. If women no longer expect or even want men to “take care of” them — since women can do everything men can do and better, thank you very much, feminism — perhaps the flipside is the assumption that women don’t need to take care of husbands, either.

And if no one’s taking care of anyone, why the hell marry? Eventually most women decide they want children, no matter how long they put it off to focus on their careers.

But ever since i met Bryan is blind he makes me feel complete bryan isnt completely blind he still can see my beauty he has a rare condition of glaucoma he still have just a little vision he still see shapes . but my grand ma was blind and was the kindest lady in the whole world.i must say.