Apple updating boot camp video drivers

Install all the updates on that side, and then you should be free to use the normal Windows installation tool to update your version of Windows to Windows 10.

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The damage to the speakers appears to be permanent once it occurs, requiring users to contact Apple to exchange their new Mac Book Pro for a replacement unit.

Unfortunately, due to limited stock, some of these users are now faced with waiting several weeks for their Mac Book Pros to be swapped out.

While Apple does not officially support third-party operating systems and software installed on your Mac, it does provide Boot Camp as an option so people can use Apple's trackpads and other hardware when running in Windows.

The Boot Camp update comes in two versions: one for the latest 2013 model i Mac and Mac Book systems, and another for all other models.

Once your Windows 10 installation is up and running, Boot Camp 6 will allow you tap into a number of your Mac's normal features— USB 3 and USB-C connections, Thunderbolt, your Mac's built-in card slot (if applicable), and your normal Mac keyboard, trackpad, or mouse.

Apple has released an updated version of its Boot Camp software to support installations of Windows on a secondary partition of its Mac systems.Boot Camp Support Software version 5.1.5640 covers mid-2013 Mac Book Airs, late-2013 Mac Book Pro with Retina display models and late-2013 i Macs.A second iteration of the software, version 5.1.5621, should be downloaded for users of the following Macs: Both iterations of the latest Boot Camp Support Software come as files, with the 942.6MB version 5.1.5640 and 924.9MB version 5.1.5621 available as free downloads from Apple's Support Downloads website.Apple has released updated audio drivers to fix a major issue causing blown out speakers on new Mac Book Pro models running Windows 10 with Boot Camp.Earlier this month, a number of users began noticing crackling or distorted sound coming from the left, right, or both speakers on the new Mac Book Pro, oftentimes shortly after installing and running Windows 10 with Boot Camp.(Apple provides a helpful list for that.) Assuming it does, you'll want to boot into OS X and make sure that you have any and all software updates installed.