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We were told prior to their arrival that the two would be speaking in character.

(Not exactly easy trying to prep for an interview with mice.) Yet, the magic of their voices carried the segment, with both sounding as one would expect. Off the air, the Allwines were very pleasant and mostly talked about the production company they owned, Taylor-Allwine Associates. A Southern California native, Allwine first joined Disney in 1966 as a clerk in the mail room.

Despite the various reasons Minnie stands out as a perfect being, she is not without her flaws.

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She is the longest-running performer for that character today.Russi has made a living as a voice actress since 1977.He later moved to work in the sound production department before landing the gig of Mickey Mouse’s voice, the third person to do so.(Walt Disney was the first voice, but his smoking habit damaged his vocal chords and he eventually stepped away from voice acting.Who Framed Roger Rabbit (cameo)Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse Mickey's House of Villains Mickey, Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas Saving Mr.

Banks (cameo as metafictional character)Walt Disney anthology series The Mickey Mouse Club The Mouse Factory Mickey Mouse Works House of Mouse Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Have a Laugh! Minnie's Bow-Toons Mickey Mouse Mickey and the Roadster Racers Mickey Mousecapade Illusion series Magical Quest series Mickey's Ultimate Challenge Magical Tetris Challenge Mickey's Speedway USAKingdom Hearts series Disney's Party Disney Sports series Disney's Hide & Sneak Disney Th!Generally speaking, Minnie is incredibly sweet, often tame, and highly intelligent. Because of this, she tends to be the one to keep the ordinance in her circle of friends, as well as in the life of Mickey, who's constant mischief leads to chaos, ranging in relevance and danger.This also gives a motherly persona, which is seen whenever she is dealing with animals or children (such as Mickey's nephews).The man who served as the voice of Walt Disney’s iconic Mickey mouse for over 30 years, Wayne Allwine, was married to the woman who voices Minnie Mouse, Russi Taylor. The two were married for nearly two decades until Wayne Allwine passed away in 2009 due to complications from diabetes. It wasn’t until the announcement of his passing that many in the public began to realize he was married to the woman who voiced his love interest on the big screen.That said, the husband and wife behind arguably the most-famous cartoon couple in history have appeared on many radio broadcasts together, including the show I host each morning (with that interview during our live broadcast at Walt Disney World, in Orlando).She is the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse, and first appeared alongside him in the short Plane Crazy.