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What would happen if a dinosaur bone were carbon dated?This date did not fit the preconceived notion that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.Top Box Office Movie 2016 Watch Finding Dory (2016) Watch The Conjuring 2 (2016) Watch Warcraft (2016) 357 ფილმები ქართულად ... 365 Turquli Seriali Asi Yvela Seria Qartulad - Foto Turquli Seriali Asi Qartulad Yvela Seria | Star Travel International ...da brolis qalas samefo indochineti indochineti qartulad indoetis surneli indoetis surneli seria yvela seria indoetis surneli seria yvela seria qartulad induri ... - Prikolebi | Statusebi Qartulad Natargmni Filmebi Kabebi|Qartuli|sabavshvo Binebis Qiraoba Dgiurad RAGBI. Turquli Seriali Asi Qartulad Turquli Teleseriali Asi Seriali Asi yvela seria ...Carbon dating is only accurate back a few thousand years.

So if scientists believe that a creature lived millions of years ago, then they would need to date it another way.They do this many times, using a different dating method each time.The results can be as much as 150 million years different from each other!They then pick the date they like best, based upon their preconceived notion of how old their theory says the fossil should be .So they start with the assumption that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, then manipulate the results until they agree with their conclusion.So why is it that if the date doesn't fit the theory, they change the facts?