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The two files from a zip archive, extract to the main game directory, by default, this folder is c:\Program Files (x 86) \Ubisoft\Assassin's Creed II\.

Long after their near-eradication, mentions of Assassins were preserved within European sources – such as the writings of Marco Polo – where they are depicted as trained killers, responsible for the systematic elimination of opposing figures.

The word "assassin" has been used ever since to describe a hired or professional killer, leading to the related term "assassination", which denotes any action involving murder of a high-profile target for political reasons.

The device, you must manually select the menu controls, and the controller must be connected before running the game.

‎‎ Hashshashin) is a name used to refer to the medieval Nizari Ismailis.

Unofficial patch for the game Assassin's Creed II for the PC, which removes the error associated with the lack of support for triggers (triggers) to crash from the Xbox 360 console connected to a PC.

It also restores the correct mapping of keys in accordance with the edition of the console games.Perceiving that Sabbah was either a prophet or magician, his disciples, believing that only he could return them to "paradise", were fully committed to his cause and willing to carry out his every request.With his new weapons, Sabbah began to order assassinations, ranging from politicians to great generals.It was the Lasiqs who were trained to become some of the most feared assassins, or as they were called, "Fida'i" (self-sacrificing agent), in the known world.It is, however, unknown how Hassan-i-Sabbah was able to get his "Fida'in" to perform with such fervent loyalty.After laying claim to the fortress at Alamut, Sabbah began expanding his influence outwards to nearby towns and districts, using his agents to gain political favour and to intimidate the local populations.