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In these instances, the elements of a memoir — the self-reflection, the rawness, the candidness — got lost. WGavin Edwards interviewed all the people in my memoir — people from my old bands, people in my current bands, people from my childhood — and we left everything in their own words.

In the mid-2000s, after Blink-182 and the Transplants, Barker’s project with Skinhead Rob and Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, broke up within the same year (both would later reform), Barker struggled for a bit before finding his way to rappers and hip-hop artists.

With no real business experience, he created — and still oversees —a lucrative clothing company, Famous Stars & Straps.

He has transformed his body into a walking billboard for Cadillac, with the car company’s emblem tattooed on the center of his chest.

There are so many celebrity memoirs that give me the sense the celebrity didn’t actually want to write the book: he or she sort of just phoned it in, and the co-writer seemed more to be penning a biography of the person than helping with a memoir.

Part of it probably has something to do with everyone growing up. But we all got older — we got married, and we had children — and they seemed less interested in making those same jokes they had made in their 20s, which I understood, I understand.

I mean, for me, I’m still skating on a mini-ramp with my son, Landon. There was also a point when Tom began getting interested in new styles, which led to Box Car Racer forming.

Now, of course, you’ve written a memoir, and you’ve put yourself in the spotlight again.

It struck me that there might be two forms of Travis, in a way: the reserved one, the silent drummer of Blink-182; and then this other individual who doesn’t shy away. What’s the propulsion to keeping put yourself out there? Well, with Blink-182, I did sometimes feel a little out of place with the stunts and the interviews.

I’d argue this was true in the beginning — in “”Enema of the State,” in “Take Your Pants Off and Jacket,” everything before the self-titled album — but then there was shift. But Mark and Tom were getting a little worried about making the same jokes, I think.

It seemed that Mark and Tom expressed a desire to evolve musically, and they wanted to be musicians, too. Or maybe better put, Tom not being involved any longer? And I’m not speaking for them at all — I can’t speak on their behalf.

Travis Barker is probably the most famous — or at least, the most recognizable — drummer on the planet.