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In 2010, the film was ranked #26 in Empire magazine's "100 Best Films of World Cinema".Many of the exteriors having been filmed for rare architectural vignettes at Raray, one of the most beautiful palaces and parks in all France.

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The fact it was made during the war is even more impressive.

I am a beautiful, exotic woman who loves adventure.

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We'll get to Taylor Lautner in a second, but first let's clear up that other dating rumor about Nickelodeon cutie Victoria Justice.

Buzz began this summer that Justice, 17, was more than just friends with "No, we're not dating," Justice insisted to us earlier this week at the Casting Society of America Artios Awards in L. "He's a great guy and so talented and deserves everything, but even to maintain a friendship with someone who lives on another continent… Then, towards the end, he will morph into a Negro Handsome Prince, and carry off Beauty to his lair . Disney destroyed their latest Cinderella movie by casting a Black man as a member of the royal court. I suspect The Beast will resemble Charles Laughton in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame". Then, towards the end, he will morph into a Negro Handsome Prince, and carry off Beauty to his lair . This is my favorite fairy tale, but I'm not sure I'll see this movie. I love Disney movies and I adore the animated classic Beauty and the Beast. This would not have happened in the time and place that the story is set.This is bound to be awesome and it looks amazing from the trailer. The movie also showed a Black girl trying on the glass slipper. Everyone at the ball could see that the Prince's mystery girl was White. I'd be afraid we might actually be cousins or something. I happened across Entertainment Weekly today; there was an article about this movie. I did some research online and counted at least eight non-White cast members. It takes place in France (a country founded by Whites) during a time when there would not have been a lot of non-Whites there, yet this film is shoving them in our faces.One character is played by a homosexual and there is one particular scene that feels like a promotion of homosexuality. Interracial relationships are also promoted with the addition of White and Black mixed-race couples.