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The image is one of thousands of parodies covering ~20 million years from the Miocene onwards) – marching from left to right.

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These are pretty good quality but come up rather smaller than expected.

They’ve been washed loads and haven’t shrunk or faded.

I was in London in late October and there were already decorated trees in some of the shops around Regent Street. I’ve got a couple of the ‘evolution of a beekeeper’ T’s bought, I think, from Amazon.

Nevertheless, it’s not too soon to be thinking about Christmas presents and what could be more appropriate to wear under your beesuit than a beekeeping T shirt? Relatively few are hugely original, relatively few are outrageously funny (or rude) but some are at least vaguely entertaining or clever.

Käufer sind für eventuell anfallende Zoll- oder Einfuhrgebühren verantwortlich.

Ich bin nicht für Verzögerungen verantwortlich, die durch den Zoll entstehen.

Whether you live in an Africanized honey bee zone or not, it is important to monitor your bees temperament.

Find out what you should observe about your bees’ behavior, how to keep it under control and what to do when things get out of hand.

This is especially true in the Americas because we have no native honey bees; they were imported here from Europe in the 1600’s and are highly hybridized now.

Each subspecies or more loosely referred to as as “race” has their own set of characteristics and behavioral traits.

Ich werde mein Möglichstes tun, diese geschätzten Versandzeiten einzuhalten, kann sie jedoch nicht garantieren.