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It misses, so Coilette fakes deadly impalement on the spear and Calculon swears to honor her memory with a film.Sometime later, at the Planet Express building, Calculon's movie, called Coilette, a Calculon Story is on the television.Leela disapproves, but Bender is dismissive of her concerns. He cries that he cannot go through with the scam, no longer wishing to hurt Calculon, meaning that he's coming to the final stages of womanhood and the effects will become irreversible soon.

As Bender is about to say something heartwarming about Calculon, his antenna pops back up, returning to his old self, causing him to exclaim that he and Calculon could run to Vegas and pick up some fembots.As they continue watching the movie, the rest of the male characters leave, complaining about how Calculon is too emotional towards actor Coilette: Bender looks back with tear-filled eyes. Bender replies that they don't dress trampy enough.The torch for the 3004 Earth Olympics is lit and the Planet Express crew watches the Parade of Nations before going to check on Hermes.The Jamaican team had been detained at the airport, so Hermes has been called to take their place.As the ceremony begins, Coilette faints, causing Calculon to call for a doctor.

Zoidberg appears on cue, diagnosing a case of African Hydraulic Fever, an often fatal disease caught in the Diamond Mines of Africa.

Unfortunately, Hermes hasn't limbo-ed in 20 years, prompting the Professor to create a Flabo Dynamic Suit to help him cheat.

Barbados Slim, Hermes' rival and La Barbara's ex-husband is also competing and Hermes has never won to him.

After feeling attacked by the crew, Coilette runs out and the Professor shares the fact that Bender is having mood swings and needs the oil change operation.

Coilette and Calculon dine at Elzar's Fine Cuisine.

He begs the Professor to make a woman out of him, so he undergoes a gender-reassignment operation to replace his testosteroil with fembot lubricants to deceive the judges.