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"[It] all started out as a joke and then we decided to go to Hawaii with my kids," says the actor, who has a son, Billy, and daughter, Lilac, from two previous relationships.

PHOTOS: Gorgeous celebrity wedding photos These days, Moyer splits his time between his native London and the Venice, Calif.

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Paquin, 28, and Moyer, 40, exchanged vows under a tent across the road from the beach, and many of the guests in attendance brought presents wrapped in purple boxes with purple bows reports Us Weekly.

Among the guests at the intimate celebration were the couple's True Blood co-star Carrie Preston and her husband Michael Emerson of Lost, and Elijah Wood.

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Connecting over daily breakfasts at a West Hollywood cafe, they began dating a few months after filming first began in 2008 for HBO's smash vampire series, now in its third season.

Second, he's started to fall for Sookie although that's conflicted his mission with the Queen (which, as you probably guessed, meant bringing Sookie to her so she could use her blood for daywalking).

In the third season, he proposes to Sookie, causing her to go to the bathroom crying.William Compton had a long history of unforgivable actions.So, I understand that when Bill died, some people called it the best and worst thing to happen. First, he specifically went to Merlotte's that fateful night to get to know Sookie.Guests -- many of them bearing gifts in purple boxes and with purple bows -- included Elijah Wood and ).Paquin, 28, and Moyer, 40, exchanged their vows beneath a tent across the street from the beach.Paquin wore a a Marilyn Monroe-esque white halterneck three-quarter length gown and black platform court shoes, with her blonde hair pulled back in a simple bun.