Black geeks dating

That group of young blacks is the black nerds–or, “blerds”.

Identity as a self-proclaimed nerd has traditionally been associated with whiteness.

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on Wednesday reported that tennis star Serena Williams is dating Alexis Ohanian.

You can tell this story is rock-solid because it’s attributed to “an onlooker” who spotted the pair at a gymnastics center in Los Angeles.

“He called her ‘babe’ and they held hands,” the unnamed onlooker told the magazine.

(If it seems like just yesterday that Williams was reported to be pregnant with Drake’s baby—well, it was.) Ohanian, 32, is in many ways the archetypal tech bro.

Maybe you’ve just been “looking for love in all the wrong places!

” You can skip sorting through thousands of dull, undesirable profiles on the big dating sites and stop wasting time with people who don’t share your flair.Geek used to be an undesirable name, but oh, how times have changed!Geeks are now the hot, high wage earning, gadget loving go-to guys and gals who have garnered respect from the masses! No sense wasting time with your beautiful blond if she’s allergic to man’s best friend!Ron Eglash, in his paper “From Black Geeks to Asian American Hipsters,” succinctly explains why a widespread cultural affiliation with the nerd identity has been absent from African American culture: “The development of technological expertise requires not only financial resources but also cultural capital.” Until recently, the overwhelmingly vast majority of blacks simply did not have access to the financial resources or the cultural capital that would allow them to participate in geek culture.This inability to gain a foothold within nerd/geek culture is slowly changing, for several reasons.To change your strategy and narrow the field, sign up on one of these niche dating sites that fits the bill: There really is a dating site for every one.