serena and coach dating Black women dating other races

In the interest of privacy, I’ll name my friend Marcia.

black women dating other races-76

I say the majority of them don’t; and it goes beyond the misogynistically cruel lyrics in some of the rap songs I sometimes hear or the abusive and violent behavior I sometimes witness against the sistas in my own neighborhood.I had a phone conversation recently with a friend of mine who is trying to get back out there and date; but she’s growing despondent due to the lack of quality ‘brothers’ out there.“Well, I’m sorry Marcia, but I for one am not about to slip into the woe is me mode; no man does not or will not define who I am.” I answered defiantly.“I’m educated, attractive, have a good job, run my own business, I’m published and have my own home in the Bronx.So how come White men aren’t publicly and shamelessly chasing down Black women like the brothers are doing with White women, and pleeze don’t mention Robert De Niro, with his tired behind…is he the only White man who sees the beauty in Black woman, since the brothers are obviously blind? “Oh, I don’t know…there’s Bill Maher who dated Black women…” I answered. you know, there was once a 19th century French artist by the name of Charles Cordier, who was an Ethnographic sculptor; he traveled the world capturing the look of people from other cultures and races.

Being French, Cordier had a taste for exotic faces and shapes, especially faces that belonged to North Africans.

And my sons are currently dating Puerto-Rican women…they said the sistas are too loud and bossy.” “Well I don’t care about what anybody else is doing…

I can’t see myself with anyone but a Black man…face it, the brothers aren’t checking for me because I’m not thin, I’m too dark-skinned, I don’t floss designer labels and…I wear nappy locks.” She snarked.

And so, gradually, some Black men have moved away from the light skinned Black women to coveting, dating and marrying the ‘real thing’—White women.

Most high profile Black men, athletes in particular, have White or spouses.

Rarely do you see a White man leaving his White wife for a Black women; but brothers have left long-term relationships with their Black wives or girlfriends for White women.