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Months pass, during which Sabariah is cared for in comfort and under the wing of Nonya Mansoor and Dr. She eventually gives birth to a baby boy who is named Tajudin.

At this time, Kassim receives a telegram from Nyonya Mansoor saying that Sabariah died during childbirth.

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Set in 1960s Singapore, Sabariah Mansoor is a young woman who is fascinated with the music of Kassim Selamat, a small-time musician with great talent playing the saxophone.After one of his radio performances, Sabariah calls in to the studio to talk to him personally and express her admiration.They arrange to meet and it is love at first sight.Sabariah's wealthy widowed mother Nyonya Mansoor wants Sabriah to marry Dr.They are happy for a while, but soon all their money is used up and they have to live as paupers.

Kassim wants to make money performing music, but Sabariah is against the idea as she thinks that she can make amends with her mother if Kassim renounces music forever. One day Kassim returns to their lowly home to see Sabariah crying in the arms of her mother.See details FG085 mini DDS Function Generator FG085 is not only a handy signal generator of many common signals but also an accurate servo tester/controller.Thanks to the theriendly user interface operation of FG085 is easy and straightforward. See details Educational Oscilloscope DIY Kit This small, simple yet useful digital oscilloscope is capable to do 20Msps hardware equivalent-time sampling.See details DSO096 - 5MHz Pocket Oscilloscope DSO 096 is a new member of JYE Tech oscilloscope family with greatly enhanced frequency meter.It can be battery/USB powered and comes with built-in charger.The movie is notable in that the opening act starts out as a light-hearted romantic comedy, but at the 30 minute mark turns into a dramatic tragedy. Ramlee's works, the film criticises the unofficial caste system that separates the wealthy from the poor.