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During this meeting, it is hinted that he's still in love with her.Meanwhile, Takeuchi decides to continue his relationship with Nanami, but only as friends.

Nanami Takahashi, a teenage girl in her first year of high school, hopes to make new friends quickly.The center of attention at her school is Motoharu Yano, a very popular boy, whom Nanami dislikes at the beginning, due to his apparent superficiality.Upon meeting Nanami for the first time in more than five years, Yano claims he is in love with another woman.However, when he and Nanami meet again, she tells him that she knows about the relationship between him and a Japanese romance manga by Yuki Obata, which chronicles the relationship between Motoharu Yano and Nanami Takahashi, starting from their teenage years and continuing during their early twenties.

It has been serialized in Betsucomi from 2002 to 2012.Because she was with her ex-boyfriend at the time of her death, Yano suspects she was cheating on him.Due to this, he is unable to trust people or to talk about his relationship with her; instead, he chooses to pretend he does not care very much about the situation.Upon hearing this, Nanami tells him to make a decision without taking her into consideration.The anime ends with Yano's departure; however, the two of them decide to continue their relationship. It is revealed that Yano and Nanami kept in touch for about six months, then he stopped contacting her and disappeared without a trace.She befriends a co-worker named Akiko Sengenji, who is revealed to be one of Yano's classmates from the Tokyo high school he transferred to.