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In 1996, Bounty Killer released his defining statement, the 20-track double album My Xperience.

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Mi a kill him with counteraction Mi know Supercat the big brother, Junior Cat the small one The punk must be an East Indian Again Wha' take this boy a say him a Indian?

Him dead under counteraction I man say Riding West, and him do "ride ass" song And him still a prolong [Verse 2] So mi sing!

[Intro] Lord a mercy I and I cyan understand 'cause This punk just come a prolong 'bout him a play counteraction A weh him come from?

And a say him a Indian Lost him culture and him reputation...

Bounty Killer was one of the most aggressive dancehall stars of the '90s, a street-tough rude boy with an unrepentant flair for gun talk.

There were many other facets to his music -- condemnations of corrupt authority, collaborations with hardcore hip-hop artists, tributes to his mother, an ongoing DJ rivalry with Beenie Man -- but his main persona was so dominant that many fans instantly associated him with his more violent material.Eventually, he met Jammy's brother Uncle T, who produced his first recordings in 1990.Still working under the name Bounty Hunter, one of his early tunes, "Dub Fi Dub," became a huge dancehall hit as a sound system dubplate.Fortunately, he made a full recovery, and soon began performing under the name Bounty Hunter for area sound systems like Metromedia, Bodyguard, and Stereo Two.Meanwhile, he and his friends hung around King Jammy's recording studio, hoping to catch a break.Also in 1993, Bounty Killer's lyrical feud with rival Beenie Man first flared up in an on-stage DJ clash; possessed of similar vocal deliveries, each claimed the other as an imitator, and they took their battle to record on the 1994 clash album Guns Out.