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Instead of consummating our love in the usual way, he began teaching me other means of pleasing him. Life is good when you’re a Super Bowl winning quarterback. Along with the fame and wealth that superstar athletes receive for their innate talent, they also get the first and best dibs on the hottest women in the world.Well at least she’s not dead yet in spite of her lanky and fragile frame.

Tara Reid – widely known for films such as – was certainly an upgrade for the New England quarterback and received more exposure in the non-sporting world that ever before.

However, the couple only lasted for about a month in 2002.

The Brady brunch: Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady made it a family affair when they stepped out for brunch on Sunday in New York City with Benjamin, aged five, and Vivian, aged two, and Tom's son with Bridget Moynahan, John, aged, four Almost there: Vivian, aged two, proved to be a heavy load for the model; meanwhile another friend who joined the family on the outing was feeling festive and decided to stick her bare hand in the dirty snow Meanwhile on Thursday, the stunner celebrated her wedding anniversary with the athlete and gave her Instagram fans a rare look at her nuptials from February 26, 2009 in a 'throwback' post that she captioned: 'Magical day! 'In an interview with Vogue earlier this month, Gisele revealed that the pair had an instant connection when they began their relationship in December 2006 - a year after she split from Leonardo Di Caprio after five years of dating.

The "selfie" has become part of the pop culture lexicon, and for celebrities mastering the art of social media, posting them is part of building a brand.

We’ll start with his less than humble beginning babe and make our way to his crowned jewel.

On a more serious note, why not check out how Brady and the New England Patriots will fare this upcoming NFL season?

After a brief stint of going out together during 2002, Brady parted ways with Roberts that same year and managed to bag an even bigger celebrity in the process.

As if dating a Playmate wasn’t enough, Brady had shifted his sights on a true silver screen celebrity.

Head on over to our feature on the AFC East’s win total predictions, and see who else is in lawbreaker limbo together with Brady in our update on the NFL’s suspensions.

Brady wasted little to no time in cashing in on his first Super Bowl win and MVP honors from 2001 by dating (what else? Layla Roberts – 1997’s Playmate of the Year – has more going for her than posing for a nudie mag; she had also had minor appearances on movies such as .

This Foxborough fox sure knows how to nail them Patriots players, eh?