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Since each of these topics demand separate books, his becomes a great point of reference.

Having said that, it is also important to say that he has dealt with many delicate, complex topics very intelligently, and has illustrated many of his points with the help of Urdu fiction.

Lately, the Pakistani television industry has been producing some truly hard-hitting content and this year is no different.

Although these concepts have existed since the beginning of time, various societies, including ours, have declared these sexualities as sins and crimes, without delving into the whys and hows behind these taboos.Some of the other themes he explores include: what is obscenity and vulgarity; moving from freedom to slavery, and an interesting study of transformation from matriarchal to patriarchal society; the concept of nature and the shyness, hypocrisy and inquisitiveness related to it, LGBT; whether love is a reality or mirage, dowry, the concept of marriage in the light of history, joint family system and various social ills.Perplexed by this clichéd response he deduced that this meant that no one in his family was born naturally.One needs courage to even discuss sex and sexuality in Pakistani society – far more courage is required to write a book highlighting this delicate but real issue.Ibrahim, the author of Sex Aur Samaj, says that the basic reason for writing this book was that he was perturbed and disturbed by the taboos that surround sex and sexuality in our society.

He was inspired by Saadat Hasan Manto, Amrita Pritum and Ahmad Bashir to write this book.

KARACHI: It’s hardly surprising that our TV serials have gained popularity across the globe.

Why wouldn’t they; our actors are brilliant, our writers, amazing and our directors, highly skilled.

But a schism of ideas and practice has been created.

It is book of sociology, anthropology, psychology, history and politics.

The self-evasive and shy Ibrahim has displayed much conviction and boldness by writing this book.