Calvin and steph from hollyoaks dating

Michaela went to the bathroom for condoms, while she was in 'the bathroom', sister Mercedes came down the stairs in her underwear.

When Carmel finds out she confronts Sonny and he asks her to make a full written statement saying that Theresa killed Calvin, but she refuses.When Kathleen-Angel goes missing, Carmel tells Sonny Theresa's plan to flee, so she gives in her statement.Michaela then went and talked to Wayne, believing that he still had feelings for her.Wayne put Michaela straight and told her of Sonny's lies that he had been seeing Mercedes instead of her.He accompanied Justin to the Students Ball which ended in disaster when Justin beat up Kris Fisher outside.

He entered The Loft's DJ competition and seemed an amazing DJ until Clare Cunningham put on the CD he left in the machine which revealed Sonny was only pretending to DJ.

He was disqualified and John Paul Mc Queen went on to win the competition instead.

He stays off school to work for Warren Fox at The Loft with Justin, earning £100 for doing several tasks, but Calvin found out and gave him an ultimatum. Sonny chose to stay at home after stealing Jake's car with baby Charlie Dean inside. Sonny began going out with sister Sasha's best mate Michaela Mc Queen, but they have not told anyone of their relationship yet.

When Kathleen reveals that Sonny is a recovering alcoholic and she tries to spike his drink with booze he takes her on a drive and bribes her with money.

When Kathleen goes missing it is revealed that Sonny has beaten her up and she is in hospital, When Kathleen's sister Myra returns from Alicante to help aid Theresa's escape plan she knocks Sonny over the head but Theresa is caught and sent back to prison.

Sonny was then lured to the Mc Queens household by Michaela.