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For a lot of people, sex just doesn’t feel as good with a condom as it does without one.Condoms work well for straight forward penetrative sex, but they can be a trickier proposition in more “creative” encounters.

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“I don’t want to take something that lists depression as a potential side effect.Rosemary, 36 and from Sydney, stopped taking hormonal contraceptives after she suffered a stroke in her late twenties.Women may not all love using condoms, but in most heterosexual relationships, it is the male partner who drives the decision to stop using them.“Many men expect women to be on the pill and decide not to use condoms, without asking, which I find unacceptable,” says Nicole, recalling times when she had “verbal arguments during sex” because a one night stand didn’t want to use a condom.Now in a new relationship for over a year, Nicole, now 23, employs another method of pregnancy prevention, a hybrid of “pull out” and prophylactic: she and her boyfriend will have sex at first without a condom, before putting on one a few minutes before he is ready to come.

Chances are this isn’t the kind of “contraception” you covered in sex education at school, but it’s more common than you might think.There are good reasons a woman might not want to use the pill – reasons that have nothing to do with shopping organic or secretly hankering for a baby.“I already have depression,” says Christina, a bespectacled 20-year-old from Auckland.Indeed, the pill’s popularity may be partly responsible for the prevalence of the “pullout.” If sexually active women are presumed to be on the pill, what need is there to use a condom?Which brings us to a point in the “pullout” debate that has been swept oddly under the carpet.“My partner and I tend to have sex for a fairly long time and alternate between different activities a lot,” Christina explains.