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He has remained active in politics by campaigning for Democratic candidates, including his wife's campaigns for the Democratic presidential nomination in 20, and Barack Obama's presidential campaigns in 20. Clinton says he remembers his stepfather as a gambler and an alcoholic who regularly abused his mother and half-brother, Roger Clinton Jr., to the point where he intervened multiple times with the threat of violence to protect them.

He worked on educational reform and Arkansas's roads, with wife Hillary leading a successful committee on urban health care reform.

However, his term included an unpopular motor vehicle tax and citizens' anger over the escape of Cuban refugees (from the Mariel boatlift) detained in Fort Chaffee in 1980.

In 1976, Clinton ran for Arkansas Attorney General.

With only minor opposition in the primary and no opposition at all in the general election, Clinton was elected Governor of Arkansas in 1978, having defeated the Republican candidate Lynn Lowe, a farmer from Texarkana.

C., receiving a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (B. He subsequently decided not to join the ROTC, saying in a letter to the officer in charge of the program that he opposed the war, but did not think it was honorable to use ROTC, National Guard, or Reserve service to avoid serving in Vietnam.

He further stated that because he opposed the war, he would not volunteer to serve in uniform, but would subject himself to the draft, and would serve if selected only as a way "to maintain my political viability within the system".Before that, he served as Arkansas Attorney General from 1977 to 1979.A member of the Democratic Party, Clinton was ideogically a New Democrat, and many of his policies reflected a centrist "Third Way" political philosophy.Two years later, in 1996, Clinton became the first Democrat since Franklin D. Clinton passed welfare reform and the State Children's Health Insurance Program, providing health coverage for millions of children. Senate in 1999 and served his complete term of office. military intervention in the Bosnian and Kosovo wars, signed the Iraq Liberation Act in opposition to Saddam Hussein, and participated in the 2000 Camp David Summit to advance the Israeli–Palestinian peace process. Since then, Clinton has been involved in public speaking and humanitarian work. Clinton Foundation to address international causes, such as the prevention of AIDS and global warming.In 1998, Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives, for perjury before a grand jury and obstruction of justice during a lawsuit against him, both related to a scandal involving White House (and later Department of Defense) employee Monica Lewinsky. The Congressional Budget Office reported a budget surplus between the years 19, the last three years of Clinton's presidency. Clinton left office with the highest end-of-office approval rating of any U. In 2004, Clinton published his autobiography, My Life.He briefly considered dedicating his life to music, but as he noted in his autobiography My Life: Sometime in my sixteenth year, I decided I wanted to be in public life as an elected official. However, because Clinton did not expect a second year because of the draft, had switched programs and, as was common among other Rhodes Scholars from his cohort, had received an offer to study at Yale Law School, Yale University, he left early to return to the United States and did not receive a degree from Oxford.