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although it was a bit breezy as you can guess by the position of the right one's pants ;-) The webcams are tested/operational ...

so I will probably turn on webcam1 Wednesday morning while I put some stuff up on the house - tune in!

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Since I've opened up the Halloween Blog on September 28th the last couple of years, let do it again this year.

plus the Light Keeper Pro - aka the What was I missing all year long? There is something missing in my life without your site!

I sat lonely in my dark living room with the lights off all year long waiting so I could switch the Komar lights on! :) Got our inflatables and lights up already (here in Encino, CA). Waiting patiently for you to go live, so we can watch and control as we do every year!! HALOWNR project is there's always a few leaks in the Hulk's that need to get fixed - below is the Hulk Brothers looking strong ...Yea, I too see some sort of issue with the browser plugin handling a MIDI file ... so I'll have to look into it.i hoping you able to stream hd video this year even if only from 6pm to 12am and then go back to non stream cams or something like that be so cool i know there is bandwidth issues doing streaming but*** so much better. turns out Apple did break something with Quick Time 7.7.4 (good writeup here) when using the EMBED tag for MIDI ... :)) Greetings from HUNGARY, Roland Alek I am guessing your working on the site and it's the cause___ but for me on chrome and IE everything seems to be aligned in really weird way and the circuit layout section is all out of alignment as well. Do you have any idea what Linux codecs are required for the embedded music on your website to play?so I changed it to an OBJECT tag and it now works for me on Firefox and IE ... ;-)I've noticed if you click on the text that says Spooky Halloween Music, you can play the midi file manually... No offense Alek, but after the first visit or two to the webcam I usually mute that anyway. I'm using Ubuntu 13 with Firefox and Chrome, but I don't get sound.Folk history and fact, woven together with great storytelling, makes for an unforgettable adventure... " Spellbound Tours™ Ghost Tour of Asheville for a hair-raising ninety-minute tour into the spirit realm of this mountain town. "Ghost Tours of San Antonio Texas" are about ancient secrets and "true ghost stories about the haunting's of San antonio Texas".Ghost Tour of Nashville for a hair-raising ninety-minute tour into the spirit realm of Music City USA. True ghost stories told over and over is what has become the "lore and legends of this San Antonio Ghost Tour." Our early citizens told any body who would listen, about the secret "ghost of San Antonio." Rense Radio Talk Show Program - Jeff Rense - Sightings - World's Most Revealing News Service ...For those that missed the action this morning, here's the time-lapse of me up on the roof doing the lights and pumpkins.