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On average, states spend 6.8 percent of their general fund dollars on corrections, the report said.

Oregon had the highest spending rate, at 10.9 percent; Alabama the lowest at 2.6 percent.

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The opinions and commentary made by this author is solely his own. history, more than one of every 100 adults is in jail or prison, according to a new report documenting America's rank as the world's No. It urges states to curtail corrections spending by placing fewer low-risk offenders behind bars.

"Perhaps, if we adequately invested in our children and in education, kids who now grow up to be criminals could become productive workers and taxpayers."The report said prison growth and higher incarceration rates do not reflect an increase in the nation's overall population.

Instead, it said, more people are behind bars mainly because of tough sentencing measures, such as "three-strikes" laws, that result in longer prison stays."For some groups, the incarceration numbers are especially startling," the report said.According to the report, the average annual cost per prisoner was ,876, with Rhode Island spending the most (,860) and Louisiana the least (,009).It said California - which faces a billion budget shortfall - spent .8 billion on corrections last year, while Texas, which has slightly more inmates, was a distant second with spending of .3 billion.The results aren't pretty, but they are sometimes hilarious.Here's our dirty dozen--12 pictures their owners probably wish they could take back.It's bad enough to dress up like you're about to slip a dollar under some toothless child's pillow.