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[smiles] I will always cherish the time I had on 'Days' and the people I got to work with.

It really is one of the best families out there and I wish everyone the best.

Instead of believing him, she decides the best bet would be to go out with Reece (since she totally left him wanting more last time), while Tommy searches his car. Of course, Tommy can hear the whole thing through a mic but she can’t hear him — even when he tells her she looks beautiful.Definitely foreshadowing a romance to come (which I mean, how could it not with how gorgeous he is? However, Reece has decided a surprise for her; instead of a restaurant filled with people, he brought her to a junkyard and tried to make a move on her. After a text from Tommy, Lindy runs to the car, but it’s been rigged and Tommy’s been put in the trunk.Sophia also owns a popular downtown nightclub called IRL.She’s fun- loving and free spirited, and wants Lindy to shed the gloomy cloud that’s been hanging over her since she broke up with her ex-boyfriend, Ben. lovingly forces) Lindy to join a dating app called “Checkmate” so she can meet new guys one night at her nightclub.Besides Reece, the other suspect is Jake (Ryan Cooper), who Lindy has been spying on for weeks, as well as hacking into his phone.

During a stake out, she meets the head of the cyber crime unit and is asked to join her in the investigation.

October 25 Update: Casey's exit date is October 30.

July 29 Update: Since fans were asking if it was his idea to leave the show or not, Christine Fix spoke with Casey Deidrick regarding his exit from "DOOL." The actor says, "Leaving 'Days' was completely my decision. I felt like it was just time to try something else, I don't like staying in one spot for too long.

He also made it very clear that he wasn’t a “nice guy” and just wanted to have fun before leaving town. In the drivers’ seat is a dummy, covered in photos of Lindy and her friends — every move she’s made since Ben’s death.

The car slams and she’s able to get Tommy out, and he makes it clear that she and her friends need to stay under police surveillance until Reece was captured.

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