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Send("^a");将全选单元格的内容。 单元格选中并开始编辑状态实现://Data Grid View获得焦点dgv_details.

Current Cell = dgv_details[0, 0];//开始编辑状态dgv_details.

Is In Edit Mode Then Dim c As Control = Data Grid View1.

定义单元格验证要求:验证错误后焦点不离开。实现:单元格的验证可以使用dgv_details_Cell Validating事件。验证不通过时调用e.

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Honestly, I can't see a difference, since the Cell Enter event occurs when the cell receives focus, and the e.

Auto Generate Columns = false; 设置列的背景色实现:Color Grid Read Only Color = Color.

Hi all, I need to override the event that is fired when I hit the Enter key in a datagrid. Formatted Value で入力値を取得できる。 Data Gride Viewから取得したい場合は Data Grid View. A: If you want take input directly in datagridview, column of string type takes any input but Data Grid View default error dialog is shown when making invalid input i-e 123a for integer type column that asks to handle the Data Error event of datagridview . Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args) Handles Data Grid View1. So you can use Cell Validating event of Data Grid View to validate integer type column as well as other. Cell Validating Dim cell As Data Grid View Cell = Data Grid View1. Steps: Private Sub Data Grid View1_Cell Validating(By Val sender As System. Following your suggestion, I blocked the Cell Validated, the Cell Validating events and placed the code within the Cell Enter event, and the Message Box shows up when I click any cell in the column.