Centreon not updating

Maybe in their magic (or bullshit) topics, the monitoring is included by a brand new thing which is also magic. US folks are thinking different and I found that very interesting.

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The solution is not a solution and not even a workaround, it’s a kind of new path.Why not create a kind of comitee to maintain a monitoring track during the big or small events ?The conferences were very interesting and the level of the talks was also good.Few weeks after this trip I was always thinking about this experience. But not only that, I asked myself why there is not a lot of talks, conferences regarding monitoring in France. But when you see some talks regarding Docker, Open Stack, … We all know the feedback “product oriented” was bullshit !!Until now everything is fine in this story but don’t expect for an happy end with Nagios … ” I won’t lie you, I don’t have the answer but let’s try to understand.

Troll inside Indeed the Nagios plugins project was splitted in two different projects (Nagios plugins and monitored plugins), you’ll tell me “OK hum but why this split ? In the begining of the year, monitoring plugins published an article on its new web site to announce the new project name.I’ve been to Portland for Monitorama this year and it was really interesting.Do you believe that, an entire event only for Monitoring, that’s awesome !I don’t blame the events organizer because I know they need to have a lot of people and so on.Monitoring is maybe less attractive than the other subjects.You could see the commit activity of those projects on Github: Changes on both projects are the same or nearly …