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Whether [...] “What one has not experienced, one will never understand in print.” -Isadora Duncan I began my journey into D/s and BDSM in online chat rooms; namely those on IRC (BDSM-Net and knew nothing of what the lifestyle would be for me, only the fantasy that I lived when I got home from class [...] Since the advent of the internet and the birth of BDSM online there has been slash speak.

We're made up of a group dominant women, mistresses and princesses that love using submissive men, sissies and cash pigs.

You'll find articles covering all sorts of kinky fetishes and fantasies as well as being constantly up to date on the newest webcam femdoms on the scene.

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The products I provide [...] As a novice submissive in this technology age you typically explore submission online in chat room and in instant messaging.

There is nothing wrong with this avenue for dipping your toe in the water.

For those of us who don’t [...] This area has submissive resources that will help you with your developing submission and the growth and enhancement of your relationship with yourself.

Here at Submissive Guide I try to provide a lot of information for free or low cost so that you can learn and grow at your own pace.

I am struggling because my Dominant wants me to explore and push my limits.

He knows that I have had group sex experiences in my past and that they were not positive.

Then again with all the basic questions asked on forums and chat rooms about BDSM it’s unlikely that my words will not be read by someone and that they will take something new from them. Chat networks, IRC chat rooms and websites developed for real-time fantasy all have areas where the D/s subculture thrives online.