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These old men who pick up these women should go and enjoy their retirement with their families and not come here and damage our community." Eighteen-year-old Stan blamed the women: "I understand that doing this type of job is their only income, but it is degrading to the mind and the body. They have cars, cellphones, nice clothes and yet still claim to be poor."People must stop blaming the men for the cause of prostitution. I was happy, as I could buy nice clothes for my boys and me."There are women who work exclusively with repeat customers on the trucking routes whose customers pay, as often as not, in food or other gifts.I think there are as many reasons for doing prostitution as there are women doing it." Janice, who is unemployed, felt that prostitution was corrupting the Chatsworth community.Right now in Chatsworth, there is too much crime; these women will just worsen the community." She was very critical of both sex workers and their clients: "I think these women do not fear God; if they did they would not sell their bodies to so many different men.

The men should be equally blamed for the situation.

Community members offer diverse opinions, though most express very conservative views, and label sex work as "pathetic and disgusting" and attribute it to the decline of moral values.

However, many mention economic imperatives as a primary reason for women in the community turning to sex work.

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