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I would love to whittle away the days manning a minivan full of foster kids and friends to soccer games and recitals and tutoring.

Love isn’t even given a chance to grow without attraction, and when it seems that godliness is equated with an average BMI, I feel like I’ve lost this game before I even got a chance to play.

Dating is hard enough without having to navigate body issues and the spiritual deficits that come in the pockets of my size 16 jeans.

That my body is a great concession that my future husband would have to make.

That everything that makes me lovable cannot outweigh my weight.

Those actions are no different, but I haven't seen any threads suggesting we lock the doors to Lane Tech and burn it down. We see how you look at us, we know what you think of us, and we don't need to be reminded, just like you don't need to be reminded that your hair looks like you haven't bathed in a week or your clothes look like something out of the toddler's section at K-Mart or whatever personal thing assholes have given you shit for your entire life.

Some of us might be able to change our size, it may only be due to overeating because we have psychological issues to work though.

I wish I could say this guy was in the minority, but we have to face facts: for men in the church, it’s a buyer’s market.

With the surplus of godly, talented, accomplished Christian women, men can afford to be pickier, holding tightly to standards of physical attraction, sense of humor, similar interest, or taste in coffee.

I once had a close friend confide in me that a boy I liked told her he could never date me, despite being “attracted to my personality,” because of my weight, because he was embarrassed by me.

It was my worst nightmare come true — that my personality does not offer enough redemption for my looks.

It feels like things should be different in the church.