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The actual term "Child Pornography" was invented in 1914 by still 12-year-old exotic dancer Minnie Rae in an attempt to publicize the fifth edition of her autobiography, My Life as a Child Prostitute or Preteen Slut, which was published by Mc Graw-Hill.While detractor William Jennings Bryant claimed Minnie Rae was just "a girl child drunk on heroin," her work has survived.

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The 21st Century has had little time for making stars of kiddie porn, and as those stars haven't had time to pass the age of 18 (16 in Great Britain), we won't mention any names. According to Futurist Pedobear, by the 22nd Century child pornography will be common practice because "old people are ugly and children are hot." There will be entire museums dedicated to nude pictures of children and many more of them engaged in masturbatory acts.In religion, Christianity, Judaism and Islam will be replaced with the worship of naked children, and leading sexologicians will finally prove looking at naked children can cure the blind and prolong age.Early Homo sapiens never considered this to be a problem.Neither did Homo erectus, who called the art form "nakid kid kid pedo feely bday suity nudey." Translated into modern English, this means "images of naked children." No one in either the Western or Eastern World had ever considered this to be a problem, until the creation of Legislators in 1166 B. Elected to do nothing but make laws, they spent millennia finding things to declare illegal.The birds then dropped these on the heads of Southern troops.

Child pornography was also utilized to help free the children of slaves.

It was then called "Pony Porn," which literally meant "pornography featuring little horses," or "My Little Pony." This invention was first used by U. President Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War to build morale in the Northern (loyal) troops.

Families sent thousands of images of child pornography, carried by the Pony Express, to their heroic fighting men to remind them of their loved ones back home.

The 12-year-old's proposal was accepted by anonymous vote in all nations of the world, except for the Soviet Union, which claimed "we no longer exist." "Child Pornography" was made a special classification of family photo album which could be utilized by law enforcement agencies as a fundraiser when their budgets were running low.

In summation of the act, Child Pornography is now defined internationally as "whatever the hell we think it is.

Countless numbers of underage slaves were rescued by being photographed naked under the plan known as the Lolita-Monroe Doctrine. It wasn't revised until after a panty raid of the Mc Donald's Preschool in 1977 uncovered images of Donald Duck not wearing pants.