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Maybe I should ask her on Valentines Day if she wants to become exclusive now.

Everybody is different & I truly believe ASS-U-M(E) ING things causes problems. You can't make somebody love you or be faithful to you.In my last thread, someone said they would be concerned if they were dating for 5 months and no real talk of commitment. Do you always need to confirm that you are indeed in a relationship?Are you both looking to date for a relationship leading to marriage? If you aren't on the same page to begin with, it's going lead to hurt feelings later.And, if you both are dating with the goal of marriage, it's not that this early conversation says it will be with each other, because, of course, you probably don't know, it's just to make sure you're both on that page.However, it should be understood that if it's not working for either one of you, you will move on.

It's about managing emotions and expectations through the stages of a dating scenario to reduce/manage the pain of moving on if that happens.

But now we have more and more divorced couples who are feeling the burn of that experience.

Fewer people actually want to be married but they do want a significant other or the company of a man or a woman, they just don't want to marry. But what we have now are dating scenarios where one person wants marriage and the other doesn't, and no conversation happens.

It's really just about having good clear communication between a dating couple, that's all.

Plenty of People (men) have exclusive relationship but have no intention of escalating the relationship into anything. OP: First question is to ask yourself what do YOU want? This man is 17 years older than you with 2 broken relationships he's not talking about.

You've added another level to the relationship for evaluation, physically and emotionally.